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The Gault Papers Part 4: Mundy's Omnibus Editions & Nonfiction

The fourth and final section of The Gault Papers.

As noted in the first part of “The Gault Papers,” posted previously at The PulpRack, the following information was compiled and posted to the Internet by the late R.T. "Ditch" Gault under the title "Bibliographic Information on Talbot Mundy's Tibetan, Jimgrim, and Tros Story Series." See more info about the Gault Papers at those previous posts.

The information below wraps up Gault's bibliographic material on Mundy. It appeared at the end of his other citations and comments. I've set it apart from the other sections, as its focus differs slightly from that of the other bibliographic areas he developed. By the way, the accompanying illustration comes from the Classics Illustrated edition of King of the Khyber Rifles.

Talbot Mundy Omnibus Editions

All Four Winds
Hutchinson and Co. (1933) 1232 pages.
Contains King -- of the Khyber Rifles, Jimgrim, Black Light, and Om.

Romances of India
A. L. Burt (1936) 1033 pgs. McCelland & Sewart (1936) 1033.
Contains King -- of the Khyber Rifles, Guns of the Gods, and Told in the East (1923).


I Say Sunrise.
No magazine publication.
Published post-humuously. First British ed.: Andrew Dakers Ltd. (London, 1947), 182 pgs. First American ed.: Milton F. Wells (Philadelphia 1949), 187 pgs.

- Reprints:
S. J. R. Saunders (Toronto 1949), 187 pgs. DeVorss & Co. (1964), 182 pgs., trade pb.; early printings of the DeVorss ed. had same cover as Dakers ed. My copy of DeVorss' 6th printing (1983) lists only the copyright date for 1947. DeVorss ed. is most likely a rpt. of the British first ed.
Mundy's personal mystical philosophy.

Thus Spake the Devil, which he planned to publish under the pseudonym "Malloy Grayson." He was unable to sell it, and later completely rewrote the ms., and it is that version which was eventually published as I Say Sunrise. *(NOTE 1)


1.  Peter Barresford Ellis, Last Adventurer, p. 208.

- R.T. Gault


Last Adventurer: The Life of Talbot Mundy by Peter Beresford Ellis is also available from Amazon. This biography may be in short supply. Click here to learn more from Amazon.

Talbot Mundy: Messenger of Destiny by Donald M. Grant is also available from Amazon. This book may be in short supply. Click here to learn more from Amazon.

Talbot Mundy, Philosopher of Adventure: A Critical Biography by Brian Taves is also available from Amazon

Winds From the East is a Talbot Mundy reader compiled by Brian Taves. It's available from Amazon.

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