Wednesday, August 24, 2011


A postscript to The Gault Papers

As noted in the posting of the first section of The Gault Papers, R.T. "Ditch" Gault based a great deal of his information on the biography of Talbot Mundy by Peter Berresford Ellis, The Last Adventurer: The Life of Talbot Mundy (Donald Grant, 1984), and the bibliography of his works by Donald Grant, ed., Talbot Mundy: Messenger of Destiny (Donald Grant, 1983). Not yet published at the time Gault compiled his bibliographic essay -- nor yet before his death -- was Brian Taves' critical biography, Talbot Mundy, Philosopher of Adventure: A Critical Biography (McFarland & Company, 2005). 

In researching his book, Brian delved into more sources than Ellis had available and uncovered a great deal of material that Ellis didn't cover. Brian traveled to many place Mundy had lived and talked to people who knew Mundy, including his widow and stepson.

Brian is now working on another book, this one about silent film producer Thomas Ince. Mundy worked with Ince. The new book, due in the Autumn, describes how Mundy began working at Ince's studio and how the two men met in Africa.

Ellis' book was sorely needed at the time it was published. It's still good reading, but it has become a bit dated now. Seventy-one years after Mundy's death, there is still more to learn about this grand old fictioneer who shook the pages of Adventure magazine and whose works still thrill readers today.


Last Adventurer: The Life of Talbot Mundy by Peter Berresford Ellis is available from Amazon. This biography may be in short supply. 

Talbot Mundy: Messenger of Destiny by Donald M. Grant is also available from Amazon. This book may be in short supply. 

Talbot Mundy, Philosopher of Adventure: A Critical Biography by Brian Taves is also available from Amazon

Brian's thesis-centered Winds From the East: A Talbot Mundy Reader is also available from Amazon.

His forthcoming book, Thomas Ince: Hollywood's Independent Pioneer, will be available in November 2011.

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